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Soft Tissue Mobilization
Dry Needling Trigger Point Release
Joint Mobilization & Manipulation
Functional Exercises
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)
Visceral Manipulation
Movement & Exercise
Sport Specific Physical Therapy
Nutritional Coaching
Performance Enhancement
Ergonomic Training
Kinesio Taping
Manual Therapy
Post Surgical Rehab
Gait Training
Injury Prevention
Sports Medicine
Balance Training and Fall Prevention
Corporate Wellness
TeleHealth Physical Therapy

Massage Therapy


Running Shoes

I've seen Dr. Angie Cain off and on over the past few years. Her level of service and compassion is beyond what I experience with most doctors. Angie always takes sufficient time to understand my concerns and we mutually determine a treatment plan that will provide relief and get me on the road to recovery. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Dr. Cain to anyone requiring care.

- Tina Rodriguez, CPCP

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