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What is Cash-Based Physical Therapy?

BodySync Physical Therapy is a cash-based practice, which means that patients pay a set price up-front for services provided. BodySync does not bill insurance companies. However, the patient may submit their own claims to their insurance company for possible reimbursement for services provided. BodySync Physical Therapy is considered out-of-network with many insurance companies. This simply means BodySync has not entered into a contract with that insurance company. Please check your insurance policy to inquire about your individual plan’s out-of-network coverage of physical therapy services. There are many insurance companies, each with their own contracted rates and regulations, and BodySync’s energy is best spent working with patients. It is important to note that in-network provider status is not based on education, experience, skills, or treatment outcomes, but is often determined by the number of providers in a demographic area. Many patients choose to receive services out-of-network in order to see the physical therapist of their choice.

The cash-based model allows your therapist, Dr. Angie, to guarantee personalized one-on-one care for 60 minutes for services provided, which ensures the highest quality of care possible. In addition, BodySync PT will provide you with the necessary documentation needed in order for you to file a reimbursement claim with your insurance company.

What is Cash-Based Physical Therapy?

Advantages of Cash-Based Physical Therapy

With cash-based physical therapy, you and your therapist collectively decide on how many visits you will need and the frequency of visits per week. No more insurance limits on the number of visits you are allowed and no more waiting for insurance approval for start of care or additional visits to continue care. The patient pays at the time of service, allowing the therapist to focus on providing the best possible service while keeping administrative costs low. Your treatment is based on YOU and YOUR PROGRESS.

Documentation for evaluations, treatment visits, and progress notes are performed just like any physical therapy practice and comply with all legal requirements.

Advantages of Cash-Based Physical Therapy

How do I find out if my insurance benefits cover the cost of physical therapy?

Complete the insurance benefits worksheet HERE, which will help you determine your physical therapy benefits. Generally, depending on your insurance policy, once you file a claim, you will either receive a reimbursement check from the insurance company or the cost of the visit will be applied to your deductible.

Insurance Benefits for the Cost of Physical Therapy

Will I end up paying more for cash-based therapy?

In many cases, the out of pocket expenses for a course of physical therapy will actually cost LESS for services provided by BodySync Physical Therapy. This is largely due to the ability to charge less per visit, with these charges being WELL BELOW the national average charge submitted to insurance in a typical fee-for-service outpatient physical therapy practice in which deductibles must be met and therapy visit co-pays apply. BodySync Physical Therapy can charge less because the simplified cash-based fee structure streamlines billing and does not require hiring personnel or paying fees to third party billing service. This allow BodySync Physical Therapy to focus all energy on patient care, on YOU, and allows patients to make informed decisions regarding the costs of their health care choices.

Will I end up paying more?
Cost of a visit

What is the cost of a visit?

Physical therapy on leg

Clinic Visit (50-55 minutes)

Initial Evaluation Visit   $295

Follow-Up Visit   $195

Home Visit (60 minutes)

Initial Evaluation Visit   $590

Follow-up Visit   $390

TeleHealth Visit (60 minutes)

Initial Evaluation Visit   $295

Follow-Up Visit   $195

Nutritional Coaching and Planning    $250

(6 week plan with weekly meal plan)

No show/Cancellation Fee                   $75

(canceling <24 hours prior to scheduled appointment)

Full payment is due at time services are rendered.

Forms of payment:

HSA Cards

FSA Cards

Major credit cards

(Visa, Discover, and Mastercard)

Debit Cards


Cash (Exact Amount Only)

VENMO (@AngieCain86)

Processing fee of 3.15% applied to all card payments.

Check, cash and Venmo no processing fee.

What to Bring and What to Expect

Prior to your first visit, please download, print and complete the Patient Registration Form.

Come dressed in comfortable, loose fitting clothing. The area of complaint will need to be accessible.

Wear a mask or face covering.

Clinic Visits

All visits are one-on-one with Dr. Angie for 60 minutes. Please come with forms completed and dressed appropriately. The initial visit will include a review of your medical history, an interview, a thorough evaluation, review of findings and a conversation about your goals, and development of a health & holistic-center treatment plan that is individualized for you! Follow-ups visits will all include quicker assessment of dysfunctions identified during the initial evaluation and progress quickly treatments.

TeleHealth Visits

Virtual visits can be done anytime! When you have questions and need answers and direction! When you can’t leave your home or don’t want to get out but are ready to get moving & need exercise instruction, when you need to consult with a licensed and certified healthcare provider about pain or other healthcare issues or when you need nutritional coaching.

What to bring - What to expect
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